Louis P. Sandjo/grupo de pesquisa/ Departamento de Química
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    Publicado em 17/12/2019 às 15:57


    The research group LQPN (Laboratório de Química de Produtos Naturais) is active in the area of:

    • Traditional medicine,
    • Medicinal plants,
    • Natural products,
    • Fungal natural products, and
    • Functional food.

    We use techniques of purification and isolation to identify  biologically active substances from medicinal plants. We also develop and validate analytical methods (LC-ESI-MS, GCMS, HPLC, etc) to search as guided by popular knowledge for new natural substances from herbals and food residues. These substances are therefore evaluated for their antileishmanial, antitrypanosomal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiproliferative activities.


    Extraction and isolation of secondary metabolites

    Chemical analysis of complex mixtures (e.g. plant extracts, human fluids) and secondary metabolites (e.g. alkaloids, terpenoids, or flavonoids) using a wide range of chromatographic or spectroscopic-based phytochemical analytical tools such as LC-ESI-MS, NMR techniques, GC-MS.

    Structural elucidation and identification of natural products

    Chemical fingerprinting using dereplication, molecular networking and metabolic profiling techniques

    Search of pharmacological valuable compounds and crude extracts

    Develop synthetic and semisynthetic analogues of natural products